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He continued to grope me, feel me, lick me, kiss me and eventually, his hand slid inside my thong and his warm fingers made their way to my soaking wet pussy. He pulled his finger out and sniffed his finger deeply.

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After minutes of hungrily sucking Khalid’s cock, Susan climbed onto the sofa and this time she sat on Khalid’s lap crossing her legs around his waist.

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Then we start kissing and I was squeezing her boobs over her bra wildly and biting them and unhooked her bra

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I pulled her and made her stand between the kitchen platform and me, she facing the stove. I wrapped my arms around her, held her hand and made her keep the bowl on the stove and light the stove.

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Swati tied my hands very hard and legs little loose. She slowly moved down to my dick. Swati held my dick with one hand and moved to kiss my balls. And i was so hard the way she kissed. She licked and kissed all over there.

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I felt that she was starved for sex, She started too move her hip faster and faster and she was screaming ohhhhhh yesssss amm cumming cummming.. aaahhhhhh… aaammmmmaa

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Once I made sure that, I had lathered her up and then used my hands and moved them and she was getting aroused again. She was on her knees and started giving me a blow job again.

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Her nipples were darkish brown in color and were very thick. I sucked those nipples and also was pressing her boobs. I bit her boobs and she cried out loud. She too got aroused and started sucking my chest

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All the core started hear she busted out started talking wildly said she want her body licked under shower she loves to have sex on water bed she commanded me to follow all she asks to do

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He then removed my shirt and made me lie on sofa and he came on me and loosened my bra and removed. I fully closed my eyes and given all my desires and my body to him