Lust Pleasure And Passion – Part II

It had happen because no one was to disturb us and also spent all night with her if morning we fucked then after lunch was normal sex and night used to be passionate sex

Truth And Dare Game Leads To Bed

I inserted my penis inside her mouth and starting rubbing my penis in her teeth. It was great feeling. My penis again became very hard. I was doing my penis in and out inside her mouth. Now she also started sucking my penis.

Enjoying My Good Friend’s Wife Mona

I slid my middle finger in her ass crack and started fiddling with her ass hole. My left hand was trying to open her bra hooks and with my married experience I could unhook her bra from behind

Made Love To My Neighbour Priya In The Rain

We had a great kiss, sucked each other’s lips like anything then I pushed her towards the wall and started kissing her neck while exploring her bare navel. She became very hot and whispered in my ear I love you Arjun.

An Unforgettable Massage Experience

I continued for a few minutes, then eased two fingers gently inside; palm up so as the fingers enter, the thumb comes into contact with her clit. My fingers found her “G” SPOT.

School Time Innocence

The mischief in her eyes gave me the green. I lay her down on the ground and gestured my dick towards her. It was rock solid, standing like it would never loosen. She wanted me to fuck her without a condom.

My Kavitha Mami And My Lover Malar – Part I

I hugged her, like my left hand was hugging her back and my right hand was creasing her one side (soothu,ass or bums ) I was pressing her bums very tightly slowly my right hand started to crease her another side(right) bums

Sex With My House Owner

I gave a kiss on her lips and she opened her lips and we lip locked for some time. I am pressing her breast and giving kiss to her breast over nighty. I tore her nighty and started sucking her breast.

I Fucked House Wife In-front Of Her Husband In Hyderabad

She went to kitchen both some juice I drink and I dragged her into bed and pressing her boobs for 3mins and started fingering her pussy she is enjoying after pussy get wet with her orgasm

True Story

FIL immediately took me in his arms and pulled me towards the bedroom and pushed me in and told me to lock the door from inside. I did what I was told to do and locked the door from inside.