Friend With Benefits – A Real Story About A Woman I Met Online

I met an online friend and we became closer as days passed on. One day I was invited to her home and i couldn't resist myself in seeing this beauty.

My Special Night With Nish

Another tale of a 'magical' massage from Nish and its consequent effects on Devi and Shalini.

Fucked Girlfriend’s Friend

I went to a party along with my girlfriend's friend. I didn't expect that she would be so horny with me. I enjoyed that night with her.

Sex With My Sister-in-law

Even though i was married and having kids, my sex desire over my sister-in-law was great. She and I used to talk a lot and that lead us to be closer.

Sex With Mami’s Friend

Mami's friend and i became thick friends and into a secret relationship for a long. She has seduced me by showing her massive cleavage.

Sex With Selvi ISS Reader

I get to date one of my readers from ISS. It happened after i receive her mail upon commenting on my story. She has big boobs with brown nipples to taste

Good Times With The Hunk

I wanted to attend my friend's marriage, leaving my husband at home. Unexpectedly i get to flirt with a guy for the first time after my marriage.

Fun With A Couple In Goa

I met a couple in air flight from Delhi to Goa and we stayed in the same hotel. We became closer after a nice chat. She invited her to my room.

My Experience With A Friend’s Friend

It was totally unexpected that I will have sex with one of my friends friend. It was mind blowing and the memories are still fresh in my head.

From Dating Site To Bed Sharing

Puja was a married sex starved lady in her mid 30's who is having online fun. She didn't expect a real sex with a guy. It happened to her in a hotel.