Fucking Hot Pakistani Girl

Hi Friends, Nikunj here with one more story and this time its a story of one of the reader call usman. He send me his story and now i edited same and giving u the story in his verson.

Well my name is usman I am 21 years old strong man and I am from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I am regular reader of erotic stories in Human Digest and really and I enjoyed very much specially some stories like fucking of mrs. Desai, my first time etc.

You know here in pakistan these types of activities are very rare or if any, they are hidden, and nobody wants to share it. Because most of women/girls are afraid to tell because of their name and prestige. Anyway but I am here to telling you the best of mine. It was a time when I study in university. Oh:oh:oh : I must tell you here that I am very good at speech and I was the president of my student forum but I am was good at study that’s why my teachers always love me and care a lot.

Ok now I come to the point I mean story, well I am very good at physics so girls easily attracts towards myself. Well I was busy in the arrangement of annual function of the university then suddenly I met a girl name is sad……(off course not real name) you know when I saw her I am totally shocked because she has very big boobs in the age of 17 years and she has figure of 33-26-36 and height of 5 ft 5 inch wowowow that’s great I still feel his boobs in my hands.

Well she told me ali can you teach me at my home because I am week in some subject and your subjects is same as mine (she is junior then me) and I told her why not I will teach you whatever you want. And next day I was at her home to teach her. After a little time and conversation I observed that she did not wear a bra because his big boobs are very freely move in his kamiz/shirt. She told me that her parents are going to attend his cousin marriage ceremony and they will come after 2 hours and I must stay his house until his parents come (main tu khushi se pagal hogaya) and in reply I told her no problem I will do my level best. So another next half-hour I teach her the real subjects then I felt she is starting some activities I saw their foot on my legs.

Oh I can not express my feelings because it was my first time. Then I asked her for glass of water and she went brought a glass of water and suddenly she struck with the floor and she was fell over at me uffff what a body she had great and she was not trying to snatch myself from her. Then I thought she is ready for doing something special and we were both at carpets and lay on it. Well then she kissed me on my lips and in reply I kissed her on his neck. Now we started to kissing each other on every part of the body and now I said to her janoo why you should not undressed your shirt because I want to see and touch your beautiful boobs and want to play with them. She slowly undressed his shirt and I saw the most beautifully boobs of the world. They are in shape very well.

I kissed her boobs frequently and my tongue was working so good at his boobs his nipples was stand up and going hard and hard what a feeling. After then I undressed my shirt and she start kissed my chest. Now we both decided to undressed completely. Then she and me undressed respectively. Wowowowow I saw her naked I saw lot of girls naked in movies but really I was amazing very amazing when I saw her and she is now start playing with my dig. My dig in his mouth and she was enjoying and she asked my why not you kiss my pussy.. And soon I was kissing his pussy, what a pussy a very pink and juicy I really enjoyed. Now she was starting sucking my dig hardly wowowowow what a feeling I had. She said to me if you want you can fuck my but I know that you have not condom.

That’s why I brought it for my protection because I want full enjoyment of life. Heheheh. His laughing was so cute and beautiful. I said to her ok if you do not have any problem I could fuck you with a condom. Then she gave a lubricant condom I think the brand was touch. And I wear the condom on my lund (dig) a big dig I think it is 6inc dig and very women satisfied with it. Then I entered his fantastic pussy. She cried a little because it was also first time for but suddenly she managed and enjoying herself. Then she told me ali my ali please do it harder and I fuck her very hardly my stroke was so much good and she enjoyed it very much. After 10 min she has a orgasm and she was in heaven and after a minute I also come in his pussy but for protection in condom.

We are both in heaven. Wowowow what a day I spent with her I never ever forget it. Well after some time we were both at bathroom to clean ourself and fresh up.after that night I never touched again because she gone to usa for life time because she got immigration of usa. But still now I am missing all the things with I did with her.

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