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Indian Wife Fucked In Lagos

Hi friends, this is Bolaji from Lagos,Nigeria. The story today I will tell you about a housewife living in my neighborhood. It happened in April 2009.
Her name is Meena. She was living there with her husband and mother-in-law. Her MIL was almost paralyzed and was bed-ridden. My bedroom window was opposite to her bedroom and also bathroom and I had full visuals. And since they were married young couple I used to keep my eyes open for anything interesting.

Few occasions I had seen her changing but never fully and to my satisfaction. I used to wonder if anything would be possible. And one night I came to know.I was working in my PC after midnight. Suddenly it started to rain. It was first rain of the season and then I noticed Meena was standing on veranda in front of her room. I slowly got up and went to my veranda. The two verandas were only one foot away from each other so it would be easy to talk.

Seeing the light of her room switched off I guessed her husband was not yet home. Then I went to where I can easily talk to her. Then I said and gestured with a very nice smile, Salaam to her. And she replied with a very bright smile. Now I went close to the edge of my veranda and she also took couple of steps closer to the edge of her veranda. That gave me indication that she was in mood to talk and explore.

I politely asked her about her husband, she said he is with some friends and most likely will not return home. That piece of information got me into very somber and sympathetic tone. And I said that I'm very sorry to hear that a beautiful woman like u left all alone in such a lovely rainy night. She became very gloomy and said lets not talk about him. Asked me about myself. Then I told her about me. And then she smilingly said that sometimes I do keep looking into her room.

I said it doesn’t matter as I haven’t seen anything (a lie). Then she said if anything would happen then only you would see. I was surprised. And asked why it was like that? She said that her husband was always busy with his friends and work. And also she feels very lonely most of the time. Though I was showing much concern about her but my mind was how to get something out of this situation. So I asked her why doesn’t she go out anywhere?

She said her mother-in-law stays with them and she is almost blind and needs attention round the clock. That had flattened my mood and I said "wish we could sit somewhere and talk freely''. She smiled and said why don’t u come to my place. I said that wont look nice and what bout her in law. She said that she could get me into her bedroom without her MIL knowing. She is almost blind and usually stays in her room. And her husband usually leaves by 9 am.

So by 9:30 the house becomes all hers. Then she went in and came with paper and pen to take my cell#. And said as soon as her hubby leaves she will call me and let me know. Then I came to my room and went to sleep.
Next day about 10am I received her call saying that she was now free. Then I went to her place. She had already kept her maid door open and signaled me to get into her bedroom. She was wearing a white salwar kamiz. The material was not rally transparent but I could make out her brassier and also that she had no chemise underneath.

Then she asked me what I'd like to have. I told her treat me something that both of us will remember for long time and at the same time pulled her closer to me. She smiled and said let me make sure that her MIL is fine. She went out to check. By now I had made myself comfortable on her bed. She came back and closed the door. As she had closed the door I got up, went close to her and hugged her. First she had some apprehension but within seconds she melted with me.

Then I raised her chin and kissed her lips. To my surprise she didn’t really know how to kiss on lips. Later she had told me that she had never kissed that way before that day. As we were kissing I was fondling her ass and waist. Meanwhile we came close to a wardrobe. Then I turned her around. Placed her both hand on wardrobe, as if I was frisking her for illicit materials. Now I was fondling her boobs from back and at the same time rubbing my already stiffened cock over her ass crack.

The unzipped her kamiz and kissed her back. While kissing I got rid of her kamiz. Now her back was all bare except for her bra's strap. And I was quick to undo it. And from back I started kneading her soft breasts. And also I was rubbing my groin over the crack of her ass over the cloth. Then she turns around and start kissing me like mad. I knew this housewife was now really Hot. Then I lifted her by holding near her thighs, her legs wrapped around my waist. Then she started to unbutton my shirt and in no time we both were topless.

Then she asked me to go to bed. I said a bit later. She asked when. I said after I eat your ultimate secret. She seemed puzzled. Then I placed her on the top of the wardrobe and started to untie her pajama's knot. She was still confused. After I took off her pajama I asked her to lean back and place her feet on the wardrobe. She was so horny she did as I said and now her pussy was exposed to me. First I started to kiss her thighs and slowly I moved to her pussy. It was already wet. As I first placed my kiss on the pussy she shivered.

Then I started to lick her. Her first ever-licking experience, she told me later. She started to moan and fearing her MIL may hear it. So I placed a hand over her mouth and she was also licking and biting my palm and hand. She got so excited with my licking that she came within few minutes. As she came she pressed my head into her groin so hard it seemed that she wanted my whole head in her pussy and her legs were all stretched over my shoulder. Now I pulled her from wardrobe and brought her on the bed. Now she was on lying on her back all nude and spread-eagled.

As I was taking off my trouser she was looking eagerly for the real thing a woman want from man. As I got rid off my underwear she got up and took my dick in her hands. I asked her whether she wanted to suck. She said she never had done it and she was more eager for that to be in her pussy. Then without wasting any time I had put on the condom and asked her to turn around. As she did I lifted her waist up to my groin getting us into dogie position. First she had problems adjusting with my stroke.

Then I synchronized our stroke by holding her waist with both hands. As we got into good rhythm she was really enjoying it, I could tell the way she was grabbing the pillow in front of her head and her low voice moaning. After few minutes she asked me to stop, I did. Then she turned around facing me and said please come to me I want to feel all of you. I obliged. Spreading her legs wide I inserted my dick into her.

She closed her eyes with pleasure and stretched her hands towards me. Now I went over to her and started smooching her. As I was pumping her she was rubbing her hands all over my back, shoulder and ass. She had also biting around my neck. Then after sometimes she grabbed my both arms like anything and also she had her both legs stretched outward towards the sky. As her shivering and squeezing increased I could tell she was getting orgasm and also a strong one.

And then I drilled the last few strokes which made me also cum. As we were coming we embraced each other like anything. Then I got up went to the toilet. She remained there saying she was exhausted and need sometimes to catch her breath. When I came back she got up to go to toilet. As I got dressed she came back still nude. She said your wife would be very lucky.

I said why should I worry to get married if I have friend like you. Then we chatted for a bit as she sorted herself out. Then she went out to check her MIL. Then came back as showed me way out. Any comments pls mail to [email protected]