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My Gay Story: Me,Nikhil And Amit’s Big Dick

My mouth was filled with his dick as his dick was huge. I started licking it like a lollipop. Soon I felt some drop on my ass.I turned and saw Nikhil dropping some coconut oil on my ass.

And I Realized Am A Bisexual Too

He then took me to bathroom and we both stand under showers . He began smooching me again and same time cleaning my body.Me too cleaned him with soap . Our dicks started erecting again

The Making Of Deepika - Part II

Mr. Desai pulls out about halfway and then slides back in. I open my eyes and turn around. We make eye contact, and I lick my lips and bite my bottom lip. He starts to work up a faster rhythm, grabbing onto my hips and pulling me against him

The Making of Deepika - Part I

I hesitate. The last thing I want is to have to stay after college to put up with even more of the subject that I simply hate.

Married Gay

A shiver ran down my body and I melted into his warm embrace , our hairy chests were rubbing against each other and I could feel his taut man nipples against my chest

How I Became A Gay

Then he put his cock head on my asshole and started pushing, this was paining me but I thought what mama ji say is completely tru this is paining too and I neared the pain and he half cock was in me.

My CD Fantacy Come True

The bangles were making rhythmic noise which was making hornier. He then moved a little and picked up some cream and pushed the cream to my anus with his fingers

My First Gay Sex

He was pushing his cock in my ass gently, very slowly, watching my reactions very closely Whenever I strain he ll stop pushing and let me relax caressing.

Become The Group Bitch - Part II

Now they all stared at me at my sluttly bra and panty with the ass almost open for their view Main Guy told, "Yeh hui na baat. Now this is the dress of a whore".

Gay Hostel Life

He put some precum from my dick also on his finger and inserted the finger in my asshole. I also did the same