Group Sex

A Tour To Remember – Part III

This vacation trip turned out to be a sexual fun for all. We were traveling in a car. Khusboo had her eyes on my dick and she had a touch on it.

Unexpectedly Gang-banged By My Friends In Their Flat – Part III

This time we played a game. I told guys that i will be tempting the guys mood with my strip. Whoever has the control will win the game but everyone lost.

Unexpectedly Gang-banged By My Friends In Their Flat – Part II

As Ii was wet, the guys got aroused in seeing my hot and sexy body. I didn't restrict them. Those guys enjoyed every bit and I too had the sex pleasure.

Date With Internet Friends

I never meet people from net, but he was like my uncle age. So i agree to meet him. On the date he planned to fuck me with his foreign friend.

Unexpectedly Gang-banged By My Friends In Their Flat

I went to my friend's flat as my boyfriend insisted me to go with him. I was all wet in rain with him until we reached his flat. He and his friends

My FIL And His Friends – Part III

I got addicted to sex a lot. My FIL became more bold. But another man entered into my life with a lovely cock. He fucked me really nice and hard. Read the story to know more.

Tits & Twists In The Jungle – Part I

Rakesh slowly slid his hand inside my pussy and then he started rubbing his fingers on my G-spot it aroused me.

Susan My Wife Plays A Real Bitch

She was enjoying the touches and the fondling. She was turned on so much that her pre-cum was beginning to drip from her pussy.

My Fil And His Friends – Part II

While fucking they used to press my boobs heavily and spank me harder. The more they fucked me the more i seek from them they used to fuck me

My F.i.l And His Friends

He then again started to fuck me in mouth. Then he came to my pussy and started to lick it. I was already very wet. He did it very skilfully.