Group Sex

Hostel Games !! – Part I

She stared into my eyes for some time and turned away. I didn’t understand what she wanted to tell. I didn’t get it if she wanted me to proceed or stop. Still with my hand around Nisha’s hips, I turned around to see what was happening

Wife Sharing Is Fun – Part II

The old man, on the other hand, did not stop or withdraw. He was still on his job. Tulika’s firm resilient breasts rebounded to his every compression or squeeze with arrogance and warmth of prime youth

Jingbang In Goa Part I

His hand slowly held my sari’s pallu and started slowly pulling it aside. My heart started hammering. He then slowly removed my pallu from my body. I was now in the same state like Riya now with my pallu on the floor and my navel fully exposed.

Freaky Flavoured Threesome Sex At Office Guest House

Gayatri then started to rub my testicles. I pushed my dick harder into Kavita’s asshole and managed to dip half my dick inside her ass. As my dick went in a bit further, Kavita lifted her head and screamed aaaah hamma.

Elevator Elevations At The Hotel

He inserted his cock and started banging furiously. He was angry to find me in such a position. I cried at first and tears kept rolling down my cheeks. But slowly, I started enjoying this fast and ruthless pounding on me

A Sex Triangle

I knelt on the floor and started sucking her pussy, giving Nandu a full display of my cock and Sowmya's pussy. I suddenly felt a hand from back grab my penis, I was shocked and looks back and even more shocked looking at Nandu fully naked

Sandya Screwed In Pub And Fucked In Hotel

Suddenly they released me and I was start finding what is that. One neighbor said don’t do anything honey you are going to get great pleasure now. He pressed some buttons

How I Felt The Pain

I wore my clothes and the gate keeper got up and he said madam I have been told to drop you. I said Ok, I asked him did you fuck me and he said yes madam I was told by them to fuck you harshly

Groping In Train

We reached home and took bath together and cleaned ourselves. I was in bra and panty and bobby was naked as I like him that way only. We both went on bed and started smooching each other

My Surprise Birthday Gift

I was moaning like hell and shaking my body in ecstasy.then the Amar who was licking my face suddenly pushed his cock in my mouth n started fucking my mouth deep,at the same time Raj who was licking my pussy