Group Sex

My Lovely Night With The Strangers

I got a job in a private MNC through one of my friend. I started my job well and my hubby was also busy with his business. I socialized more through parties

Our First Very Threesome Act

A normal housewife comes out and enjoys the 3some sexual act with husband's close childhood friend. He convinces his friend and books a room in a hotel.

Divorced Woman’s Group Session

A divorced women is waiting to have sex with someone and her lust is being satisfied by her students. She runs a painting class in her home and her friend

The Rituals Of A Secret Society

On her 18th birthday, rupali finds herself being auctioned and a special ritual is followed where her virginity is taken in the presence of witnesses and an orgy follows, before she becomes a professional.

Awesome Threesome With Rickshawala

My rickshawala brought along another member to join in our sexcapades. Dirty sex is the best sex and this was truly the best sex I've ever had

Sister And Her Hot Colleagues

This is a fictional story of me, where me and my sister were left alone at home. My sister invited her three friends for a party and they had indulged me

King-Queen Competition

This story is about an inter-college competition where pairs of girls and boys go through various tasks to become King-Queen of the society.

My Name Is Nik And I Am A Cuck

A cuckold who gets high watching his wife fucked and a wife who's very horny and can take any damn dick in the world.

Enjoyment With Two Friends Neetu And Soni

It all started with my friend Soni, and then Neetu joined the enjoyment. Right now they are married but still my sexual feelings on them is great.

Uncle Made Me Pregnant

My uncle who convinced my hubby for test tube baby and fucked me along with his wife and our family member. Finally made me pregnant.