My First Sex With My Bhabhi!

It was the time of holi, where my cousin has come home to celebrate and I found my bhabi in a sexy way. I was about to put holi powder on her face

My Naughty Gayatri Akka

Adi was peeping in his aunt's room where his aunt and uncle was having a good fucking session. Adi was caught re-handed by his sis Gayatri.

The Motherly Affection – Part II

It might have been forbidden sex. She taught me one big thing that day. The true pleasure of sex comes when you give the female her the love and respect she deserves and she will be yours forever.

Brother Lusts Sister – Part III

This is the continuation of my stories "Brother Lusts Sister Part I And Part II" where I got to have sex with my sister once again in a more erotic manner.

The Three Sides Of A Triangle – Part II (Thursday And Friday Night Games)

Ratna describes her past experience, Koushik describes his and Ratna's further sexual activities and Geeta narrates her activities with Koushik on Friday night.

Broken Virginity Lovely Step-mom

My step-mom is so sexy and I never had any intentions over her until this happened. I was looking at her resume in sitting on a sofa in living room.

How I Seduced My Niece Into Sex – Part III

Me and Priya lived like husband and wife for 3 days. We fucked in all positions it was the most amazing time of our life

Life With Our Mutual Sons

How we two mothers found another world of ecstasy and extreme pleasure through our sons.

The Three Sides Of A Triangle – Part I (That Eventful Thursday)

Koushik, a young man narrates his story of his stay at Malda town till that eventful Thursday night, when his cousin sister Ratna induced him to have an incestuous sexual relation.

Sex With My Hot And Beautiful Mami

I have always had an aim of having sex with my mami and finally it came true. It all started with dirty SMS transfer. I took it as a green signal from her