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She started washing her face i wasted no time, stood behind her and put my hands around her arms to start pressing her boobs. She got up and now i started licking and kissing her neck and ear area

Sister’s Wonderful Birthday Gift – Part VI

Then I pulled him towards me and started kissing him to make him clear that I wanted more. He eased me and asked me to come in to the wash room wearing my dress properly.

Sister’s Wonderful Birthday Gift – Part V

After completing it he turned me around me and started fucking me hard in my pussy from behind. He again turned me around and this time in standing position pinned me to the wall, raised my both legs and caught me on my butts

How Made Love To My Darling Sister And Made Her My Love

I then went down still playing with her navel with one finger. I reached her crouch which had a little hair. I then kissed her pubic hair and sucked it

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Now she is naked, her clothes are not covering her private parts, I pulled her closer started kissing her and pushing my cock in her pussy.

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She was shaken very much and my rhythmic movement was going for an explosion inside her, but she immediately turned pulling my cock outside mercilessly. She is now sleeping with her legs wide apart and my cock started shivering

How I Made My Hot Jaya Aunty Mine – Part I

Saying this I kissed her lips. For few moments she hesitated, Later on she opened her pink lips and responded me back. It was the most passionate thing I done ever in my life.

Mom Giving Bath To Me – Part I

Till the time I removed my clothes and was only in my underwear. As she opened then I was shocked to see my mom. She was wearing only petticoat and a bra and she was fully wet

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As I played with my mother’s pussy the head of my cock brushed against the warmth of her buttocks, sending electric shocks through my body

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I came close and took her legs on my hands and spread those. Now her swollen pussy was so visible to me. I can see the pussy crack opening and the pink pussy lips of her.