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Fucking My Sister-In-Law Mona

Since the time I got married and I had been eying my elder sister in law. I am a big breasts fan and my wife's 32 size breasts were not good enough to satisfy my hunger. My elder sister in law, Mona , 39 ,who was 8 years elder to my wife had size 36 C and I always wanted to drink her milk.

Mona lived in Mumbai while we were in Bangalore at that time. I am a software engineer working with one of the leading Software firms on India. Mona and her husband Sandeep used to visit us often. Mona has a daughter Cherry who is 18 years old and the incident that I am narrating is of 5 years earlier.

My wife Preeti me Mona and her Husband Sandeep made a programme of going to Shimla. We took a flight to Chandigarh and from there we took a Taxi to Shimla and Sandeep sat in the front row Mona and Preeti sat next to me and my 8 years old son and Mona's daughter on the was Preeti felt sickness and exchanged seat with Mona.

So now Mona was sitting in centre seat. I sat next to me and my hand slowly started touching her and she felt quite warm and did not shift her hand that gave me some confidence and I slowly squeezed her hand. She still did not react and I started pretending to dose off and as it was getting dark nobody could see us and then I put my hand on her thigh and she did not try to move it by that time and I was betting a hard on. Mona looked down and saw my erection from the jeans then she looked at my face and when she was confident that I and Preeti was fast sleep she started looking at my erect cock. I knew she was getting excited.

We reached Shimla and checked into a hotel and the kids were put into a separate room and four sat down with drinks and in quilt. Mona was sitting opposite me and her legs were stretched out and they accidentally touched my balls and that gave me a hard on she moved her leg but that gave me a idea and under the quilt.

I put my foot in between her 2 legs. Sandeep was busy drinking and Preeti was also enjoying the light conversation we were having. I stretched and my leg touched her pussy she gave me a angry stare and auctioned to move my leg. I did not move it and she pinched me but still.

I did not move then she looked around Sandeep was engrossed in his peg and chicken leg while my leg was on his wife’s pussy. I have always been a simple person hence there was no reason for Preeti to suspect and foul play and she was also busty chatting.

Mona when she got reassured that nobody is watching also relaxed a bit and I started playing with my tow in her pussy and she was enjoying this and also started drinking one peg after another. By 11 we had finished a full bottle and Sandeep was heavily drunk Preeti asked me to hold Sandeeps hand and take him to his room Mona followed us and I went to their room and made Sandeep lie on bed he was totally out and was in deep sleep and this was the best chance for me in the mean time Mona started taking his shoes out while bending her water melons were fully visible and I could not hold myself back.

I straight away went and grabbed her breasts over her T shirt and she gave a small shirk and turned around and I kissed her deep on her lips and she turned to see her husband who was sleep. I started messaging her breasts and took my hands under the T shirt and squeezed her nipples which were now erect.

I tore her T shirt and put the hand down on her pussy which was clean shaven within a few seconds I had taken down her trouser and was fingering her pussy. She also started squeezing my cock and lowered my jeans. She sat on the floor and I took out my cock and whispered her to suck.

And she was shocked to see my 7 inches long and 2 inches thick cock initially she refused but when I insisted she put it in he.r mouth and started giving me a blow job and I soon came in her mouth and she drank my come, then I made her lie on the floor and started licking her pussy.

She was in ecstasy and had put a figure in between her teeth so that she did not scream. She slowly said Fuck me Harminder and then I placed my Cock on her pussy and within 3 shots I was inside her and then I was pumping like a horse and she was biting he wherever she could soon we both came.

I rolled over and immediately put on my jeans and came to my room ,my wife asked what took me so long and I said that Sanddep had vomited and I was cleaning and she appreciated me being a nice brother in law and we both went to sleep in the morning when we woke Sandeep and Mona came to our room.

Sandeep said he had a hangover and Preeti was also having a severe headache. We talked to go out but Sandeep and Preeti wanted to rest so it was decided that me and Mona my sexy sister in law would go out along with my son and Mona’s desirable daughter while Sandeep and Preeti would rest.

We took a Cab and moved towards Naldera, on the way I realised that I had forgotten my wallet and asked them to wait at a nearly park while I get the wallet. I came back to the hotel and with my key opened my room door and I could hear voices in the room and I slowly opened and crawled inside.

I was Shocked to See that Preeti’s shirt was open and Sandeep was busy sucking her mangoes. She was shouting fuck me Bhenchod you mother fucker and he then took out his cock and put it into her pussy he then pumped her and she was shouting.

I want more Harry cannot satisfy me alone I am bored of his cock. I want more cocks. I was shocked to hear that and Sandeep said I have fucked you longer that Harry and would continue to fuck you till you have juice in pussy I am bored of that Loose pussy of my life and her hanging breasts.

I like sucking your solid tits and does not worry I will get you more cocks as well his and they would tear apart your pussy like I do. He added I know One cock is nothing for you are a bitch and more will do. He keeps on riding her and squeezing and biting her nipples

She was moaning aloud and shouting aur chod au phar. I had never heard her speak like that and soon he filled her pussy with his cum I was confused this is the wife I thought was pati vrata and here she is behaving like a whore too stunned I came out and went to where the Kids and Mona were.

Mona could judge that I was upset, once we reached Naldera Mona asked what happened I narrated her the full story she said didn’t you know that your wife is a bitch and she has been fucking since her college days. She even told me that her husband Sandeep has been regularly fucking Mona since last 10 years

And in fact Sandeep had taken her cherry when she was still in school and then later Preeti had fucked quite a few boyfriends of hers and she was surprised that I did not know about it. The kids were playing and me and Mona went for walk to Jungle and there when nobody was around

I opened her blouse and sucked her breasts, she said that her husband did not like her big breasts and liked my wife’s small lemons much more that made me more horny and I took out my shaft and opened her Salwar and made her lie on the ground and pumped her.

We came fast and put on the clothes as we could hear some people talking not very far off on the back my son sat in the front next to the driver and in the back seat Mona sat on one side and her daughter sat on the other. It was here I noticed that Cherry also had equally big melons.

It was dark on the way back and Mona put a shawl on all of up my fingers of right hand parted her Salwar and started playing with her pussy and she closed her eyes and was enjoying while then I thought if he can take the cherry of my wife I will take the cherry of his daughter.

I took my left hand and put it on Cherry thigh then I rubbed her breast with my elbow and she just looked at me once then started looking outside and this was good enough encouragement to me and I took my left hand and squeezed her breast, the breast was solid and felt very good. I took my fingers and slipped them under her skirt and started rubbing here pussy both mother and daughter was enjoying and was getting my revenge.

Later Cherry told me that she had come looking for her mum and had seen me fucking Mona her pussy had been leaking since then and she wanted to take my big dick in her pussy.

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