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Horny Son Fucks Horny Mom - Part II

Hi readers, its Sandeep back again with his remaining part....any readers who not read my first story please follow the link http://indiansexstories.net/stories/Incest/horny_son_fucks_horny_mom_132533.html

Without repeating my intro i continue from last story....My mom lying down hugging me & i am up on her. my dick is still in her pussy but becomes normal. We are in same position for about half an hour with satisfaction without a word. After that my

Mom: sandeep, get up!!!

I moved myself from her. she also get up & sit down. we are naked & looking at each other silently. i found some guilt in my moms eyes but much satisfaction.

Me: Mom, dont feel for this. its nothing new between us two only.

Then i browse my cell & showed her this site, stories of incest & western culture, incest movies.

Mom: Do you not feel wrong or some odd for it????

Me: No. mom!!!

She kissed my lips.

Mom: I dont want world. i want you without odd feeling to do it with me. maxtime men always feel odd after they satisfy their urge.

Me: I never feel such mom. actually its my dream & i love it. i love you....

I kissed her & pressed her boobs.

She smiled. now i see her eyes with only satisfaction. we hugged tightly.

Mom: I need to pee!!!!
Me: sure! lets go together. from now onwards we will do everything together.
Mom: I love to do everything together with my naughty lover boy.
we get up from bed & started to walk towards bathroom by hugging my mom from back & pressing her boobs and we laughing slowly.
Me: Mom, I want to drink yours!!!!

Mom: you dirty boy!!! only if you give me yours!!!

By hearing this i was so happy. I pressed her boobs so hard with bite on her neck. she moaned loudly....'aaaaaaaaahhhhhh'
& slapped on my hands with love which are on her boobs...
Mom: with love dear, not like rude!!!

Then i come in front of her & we kissed passionately for a minute.

Mom ordered me to sit down & sprayed her legs standing & put one leg on western cumode. i opened & positioned my mouth near her pussy. Its filled with smell of our love juices & scene is so erotic.

Mom : take mid stream only...

Her pee started to flow on her thighs & then on my body & in mouth... i took 2-3 sips of her mid urine & drank it lovingly. its wonderful hot drink i ever drink. its so erotic for me. As she completes, I started to suck her pussy...

Mom: ohhhh!! aaaahh, Sandeep you are so dirty, naughty boy.... You are my real son.... you are as naughty & dirty as me..... Its my dream to pee in someones mouth.... aaahh!!!!

She then sits down & started to kiss me so hard & passionately. i was also shocked by her action.

Mom : I love u my real horny son... now pee in my mouth & fullfil my that dream also....

i stand up. but my dick is hard erect. so its difficult for me to pee. i said wait & closed my eyes & trying hard to pee. its my flow starts on her body. she adjusted her mouth to my pee & drinked 2-3 sips & put her mouth on dick. now last few pee goes directly in her mouth. i was in heaven. i am peeing in my moms mouth directly. its made me more horny & hard erect. She started to suck my dick after i finished. i was moaning loudly. i lift her up to stand & we hugged, kissed each other hard. Our bodies are wet with our pee. we rub our bodies with each other with pee as a lubricant. I started shower.

Now we are under shower, kissing & smooching each other. we cleaned each other. Specially i cleaned her pussy & she cleaned my dick. She stopped shower. Took towel & started to make me dry kissing me. she dried my dick also caressing him. i dried her & her pussy also. My dick is so erect while doing this all with my mom. I put her one leg on cumode & started to fuck her in bathroom in standing position with kissing her lips & pressing her boobs. she also responded in same way with moaning. She also fucking me by moving her hips in rhythm with me. Her eyes says that she is enjoying & i see her eyes with lot of lust, wildness & excitement. i love it.

Then i made her to bend. she bends by taking support of the wall. I put my dick from back in her pussy. i hold her waist & started to stroke her pussy so hard. she is moaning & enjoying it.

She also moving in rhythm with me & try to take my dick as deep as we can. now my speed is at highest. her legs are also shivering. We both came same time. i bend on her & hugged her tightly. she also held my hands tightly & little straights herself with me on her back.

We are breathing heavily. she stands up fully and held my hairs & my lips are kissing her neckline. I can now pressing her boobs so easily. She then turned around & we kissing each other hugging tightly. She again started shower & we cleaned each others pussy & dick. We moved out of bathroom with drying & smooching each others private parts.

We sit on the bed. My dick is little paining now. She get her undergarments to wear. i stopped her.

Mom: pl dont wear anything tonight. In day, u can only use these undergarments even everywhere. but i love to see you nude all the time. if someone knocks or we need to go outside then only you can wear nighty or saree.

She smiled at my comment.

Mom : You are so dirty boy. I loves you too much. I am proud to be mother of that dirty boy with cute dick(pointing towards my dick). I have proud that my own son is great fucker and can satisfy any women. You are a great fucker & romantic lover.
she kissed my lips & sits down.

Me : I also have proud to be the Son of Horny Mother. You are very sexy, hot, dirty & romantic women too... & we kissed hard.

Then we lye on the bed hugging each other. We are playing with each other & talking dirty for about half an hour.

Mom : I never ever enjoyed anyone's company in my whole life & no one satisfies me like you. Your dick is amazing.
(she is playing with my dick)

Me : Mom, its just a trailor. You have to face & watch full movie Mom. You & your pussy also great than me. coz i came from you & her(Inserting finger in moms pussy which is wet). I am part of your horniness. Full movie of sex, horny, dirty, romantic is with you.

She laughed hugged me tightly with kissing me hard. its again time for both of us for real action. but this time i want to do it with my own fantasy.

Me : Mom, my dick wants to kiss your whole body!!!!

Mom : ohhh! my son. My body is waiting to kissed by your dick.

Then we rolled & I am up on her now. I stand up on bed & made her sit.

Me : First, My dick wants to kiss your whole face!!!!

Mom : aaahhhh! sure....

I held my dick in my hand & touch the top of dick on her forehead. then i touch my dick on her eyes. then all over cheeks. then on nose. i trying to put my dick in her nose but its of no use.bMy mom is moaning & enjoying the new act in her whole life & touch of my erect dick on her face.

Me : Suck my balls!!!

Mom started to kiss & suck my balls. I am moaning. Then i started to move my dick on her lips. she is enjoying it by closing her eyes. I feel her heavy breaths on my dick. I insert dick into her mouth & moving up down, right left & to-fro. she is moaning erotically. She loves & enjoying my act. I then remove my dick from her mouth & rub it on her ears. i trying to fuck her ear but of no use. i do the same with another ear. then i started to move my dick on her neck line.

My precum drops are all over her face making her face so sexier to me. then i lift her little up. She is now on her knees. I touch my dick on my moms left nipple. then the right one. now i encircling her boobs with my dick. I slap her boobs with my dick. her nipple becomes erect. She is breathing & moaning heavily. Now i put my dick in my moms cleavage. She understood & held her boobs in her hands & my dick between her boobs. I was so horny by her response. I started to fuck my moms tits. She is moaning....

Mom : ohhhh!!! my son, fuck my tits with your big dick. aaah! i love it.

Me : I love it too My sexy mom.

we both moving in rhythm. Her boobs are now wet with my precum. My dick slipped from her tits. She immediately takes it in her mouth. It makes me so exiting. Then she removed it from her mouth & she herself slaps her tits by my hard erect dick. I was in seventh heaven. It was like a dream for me that I am fucking my mom like BFs & She also responded great than pornstars....

Then I moved my dick on both hands from finger to wrist to biceps to shoulders. Then i lift her left arm & touching my dick hard to her armpit like my dick is licking her armpit. It makes her feeling to shiver. Then i down her hand. My dick is still in between my moms arm & boob i.e at armpit. I started to fuck her armpit. She excites much by this act.

Mom : ohhhh.... You naughty dirty boy. Fuck your moms whole body like that. I love it.

Me : Me too mom.

I done the same with other arm & from back also.

She is moaning loudly & enjoying my acts. I touched & slapped her whole back with my dick. Then i push her to lie down & sits on her stomach doing same touch with dick. I trying to put my dick in her belly. She moaned loudly...

Mom : You naughty.... Dont make hole there at belly.

We smile erotically. I further go down & sprayed her legs. I sit in between her legs & rub my dick all over her pussy & clit. She moaning loudly & moves her hips like fucking. I rubbing my dick on her clit so fast. She closed her eyes & enjoying it. She pleaded.

Mom : Sandeep pl put your dick inside pussy. Its heated up. My pussy waiting for your dick to enter.

Me : Wait mom. Let your pussy to be heated more. I have to fuck your legs also.

She smiled. I started to move my dick on her thighs. She was moaning naughtily now. I further go down by touching my dick all over her legs. I put my dick in between her leg fingers. Then i touched her both toes to each other & put my dick in it. Now she also moving her legs. She tightly held my dick in between her both toes & giving me foot job. Then i fold her left leg by putting my dick backside of the knee so that dick gets wrapped between her thigh & leg. I started to stroke there. She was laughing.

Mom : You are very naughty.

Me : Yes! I am. Sexy boy of sexy mom.

Then i do the same with her right leg. Then i lift her both legs up and started to touch my dick on her hips. Then i put my dick on her ass hole & rubbing hard. She enjoying it lot & moaning. I trying to insert my dick in her ass but its too tight as she closed her ass hole. My dick touched & kissed whole body of my mom leaving precum wet spots all over.

Me : Mom, Now my lips wants to kiss your whole body & teeth wants to leave their prints on you and tongue wants to taste each parts taste.

Mom : I am all yours baby. Do whatever you want. I love your sexy romantic acts. I am enjoying it.

I jumped on her and started kissing her lips so hard rolling with each other. Then i kissed, licked & bite her forehead, cheeks, nose, ear, eyes, neck, shoulder, arms.

Then i licked & kissed her armpits. I am sucked & bite her boobs long time one by one with pressing & pinching them. Then i bite her stomach, back, thighs, legs, toes, hips. Then i kissed her ass hole. Her ass aroma felt in my nostrils. Its so erotic. She is moaning loudly. I am moving my tongue on her ass hole. She excites too much.

Mom : ohhh my dirty boy....

Kiss & lick my ass hole like that it feels great. No one kisses me there still now. No one kisses like you to allover my body. No dick touches my all body. You are really great my sexy son. Ohhh god its great.....

Mom is murmuring like that when i was still licking & kissing her ass. Now i moving my tongue from her ass crack, ass hole, on pussy to clit. She excites too much. Her juices are oozing out from her pussy.

She held my hairs so tight by her hands pulling my tongue & lips harder to her pussy & @$$.

She is moaning loudly. I am started kissing her pussy so hard by licking her juices. She also moving her hips. As soon as my tongue enters in my moms pussy. Mom suddenly came a lot direct in my mouth with loud moans. I loving drank her all juices And made her pussy clean. Moms juices taste is amazing. She was closed her eyes & breathing heavily.

Mom : You are really great sucker also my lovely son. You are giving extreme pleasures of my life. I love you too much.

She pulled my head & started to kiss me so hard. My face is wet due to her juices. She licked all it & made it dry.

I then rolled her. I lye down & she was up on me.

Me : Mom suck my dick now.
Mom : hhmmmm. Sure....

She started to suck it like pornstars. She is great cock sucker. I was enjoying it so much. Then i stopped her & kissed her lips. She adjusted herself up on me & insert my dick in her pussy. She is moving her hips & fucking my dick with her pussy. She is in wild mood now. I also moving hips from down & giving wild, hard, fast & deep strokes with dick to my moms pussy. My hands are continuously busy in pinching her nipples & squeezing her boobs. She is in great mood & it excites me too much.

Me : mom suck my dick now & taste your pussy juices on my dick....
Mom : You are really a dirty boy....

Mom moves to my dick which is wet due to her juices & started lick her juices & suck my cock. I pulled her hips to my face. She sprayed her legs both side of my head & put her pussy on my mouth. I am started to licking & sucking her pussy. We are in 69 position. She was moaning loud while i suck her pussy & she sucks my dick.

After licking I push her hips to my dick. I made her to lye on me facing her back to me & insert my dick in her pussy. She was on her hands & legs & i am fucking her from down pressing her boobs. She is moaning so hard. I Am fucking my mom so hard. Her hand slips & she fell on me. She immediately get up & started to suck my dick.

Mom : my pussy tastes good on your dick. I love to suck your dick which is wet with my pussy juices.

Me : i love it too mom...

By saying this i fucked her mouth by 4-5 strokes. Then made her position in doggy style & insert my dick from back. I am stroking her pussy in rhythm. Then i insert one finger in her ass. It goes easily in. She moaned loudly. I was fucking her ass by my finger & pussy by dick at the same time. She enjoyed the act.

Now i removed my finger & dick & turned her.

Me : Lick them both now mom.

She took my dick in her mouth & tasted it. Then She took my finger which is in her ass & licked it all. It makes me too horny.

I push her on her back. I came between her legs & started to fucking her in missionary position by kissing her. I was at my highest speed. She came & i also shoot my load in her warm & wet pussy. We both breathing heavy hugging each other so hard.

We stay in same position for sometime & enjoying the satisfaction. After sometime i moved from her & lye besides her on my back fully satisfied.

Me : Its great mom. You are so hot & sexy. I am so happy.

Mom : yah! Its really great... No one gives me such pleasure of fuck in whole life. I am so happy more than you....

We turned to each other looked in eyes smiling naughtily. We kissed each other. We talk sexy & dirty things & cracked jokes.
Me: Mom! I want bed tea of your pee without milk. Only with your pee, sugar & tea powder.

Mom : Ok my sexy boy. But what about my tea???

Me: We will made tea of my pee at breakfast...

She laughed & agreed for the same. We slept hugging each other in each others arm.

In morning, when she wake ups i dont know. But i found her in bra & panty with my bed. She is just bathed & looks much sexy in daylight. I was still naked and my dick is erect due to morning erection. She wakes me up by taking my dick in hand & shagging it.

Mom : Wake up my sexy son....

Your bed tea is ready.
When i look at her I was stunned at her beauty in day light. She is looking very sexy with bra & panty. She then kissed my dick looking at me. It makes me too horny. I pulled her head & kissed her lips. She pushed me & said

Mom : You dirty boy. Brush your teeth first.

We laughed. She bring tray in front of me which contains 2 Cups of tea, half glass of pee & a glass of water. I was more happy. First I smelt tea & pee. Then i lift her pee glass & drank. Mom laughs.

Me : Its nice mom.
Mom : Thanks sexy.

Then i drink some water & took one glass of tea. Mom took another.She sat besides me. We looking at each other smilingly & sexily. We started to sip the tea. Its taste is amazing. My eyrs glows up as i took my first sip.

Me : Mom you tastes amazing.
Mom : Yah! Thanks...

All yours idea. I never ever think to make tea of my pee. You are so sexy.

We kissed once & broke looking at each other sipping tea. I press her one boob. She press my dick. We are doing this with sips of tea.

Me : Mom! I want to kiss & lick your pussy with tea.

Mom turned her one leg up & sides her panty to clear view of pussy. I looked at her pussy & rubbed it with my fingers. She moaned. I bend & kissed moms pussy for twice. I licked there also. And again sit back looking at her & sip a tea. She also sits as we are first.

Me : Its great...
Mom : You are great my dirty son.

And kissed me hard. Then we exchanged our cups & finishes all the tea. She took my cup & put it on the table. I was looking at her. She looks stunning.

I pulled her on me. She comes easily putting her legs both sides of my body & sits on me. We started kissing passionately. I was pressing her boobs on bra very hard. She also pinching my chest. I removed her bra & squeeze her boobs & nipples. She is moaning even her lips are locked with mine. I also sit & she is sitting on my lap. I kissed her whole face, Neck line & shoulder. I took her her one boob in mouth & started to suck it while my one hand is squeezing other boob & other hand rubbing my moms pussy over her panty. She is enjoying & excites too much by this act. She was in heaven. Then i kissed & sucked her armpits. She likes it much. Then I stands her up on bed & am sitting as it is. I pulled her panty & removed it. She sat on my mouth such that i can easily suck her pussy. I started to suck her pussy hard.

She is enjoying it & moaning loudly.

Mom : Ooohhh !!! My sexy son.... Suck your moms pussy. Your mom loves to get sucked & fucked by you my lovely son...Suck...

I love you my dear suck your moms pussy... Aaahhhh... Ooohhhhh...

Her words excites me too much. I put my one finger in her pussy, make it lubricated & insert in it her ass & continue sucking pussy... She again moaned. I started to move my finger in & out in her ass. It excites her too much. She started to moan & murmur loudly.She then stand up & sit on my lap. I put my finger near her nose. She smelt it & opens her mouth to lick but i took that finger in my mouth & licked it all. She kissed my lips & bite my lips so hard as i took that finger in my mouth instead of her. She then took my dick & insert it in her pussy. It goes full in within 4-5 strokes. We both are sitting.

She wraps her leg around my waist & my legs are straight. She is sitting on my lap & moving her hips fast. We are lip locked during the same. My one hand is moving on her bare back holding her in my arms & other is pressing her boobs. We are moving in rhythm. Then i pushed her down. I stand on ground. She lye on bed. I came between her legs & adjusted my dick to her pussy and started to move to & fro. Its my full dick going in & out fast. I am stroking her wildly she enjoys it a lot. She is moaning & breathing heavily.

Then i lift her in my arms. I am now fucking my mom standing & she is fully in air or on my body. She wraps her leg around my waist & i started to stroke her so hard. She is enjoying it. She is at her extreme of heaven. She never ever fucked in this position. She suddenly came a lot. i feel her grip tight on me & shivering. I realised it & made her lye on bed still my dick is not withdrawn from her pussy & continuously stroking her. She is breathing heavily and i am also fucking her at my highest speed. I shot my load of cum deep & with high pressure in her pussy. She moaned loudly...

I am also breathing high. My dick is as deep as it can in her pussy. I lye in her body hugging her too tight. Aftersome 10 mins we were cooled down in same position.

Me : Good morning sexy!!!

Mom : hmmm! I like your good morning style. I want it daily. You are really great fucker. Now positions are too new for me. I enjoyed it lot.

Me : Its my pleasure mom. I love You horny....

Mom : me too you sexy!!!!

We kissed for a minute & i removed my dick from her pussy. I sit besides her. She also get up from bed & sits near me.

How i used toilet, get bathed, took breakfast and how i fucked my mom on stairs, sofa, kitchen & all over the house is coming in next part. But your comments are valuable to me. Horny moms, sisters, aunties, ladies & girls also mail me on
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