How I Fucked My Aunty At Chennai

Hi ISS readers this is ashok from Chennai. I would like share my real experience with you and this is my first story if there is any mistake means please forgive me. I will introduce myself I completed engineering in Chennai and now I am working Bangalore. This is my true story that happened when I completed my engineering and searching job.

I’m average looking guy but my aunt is very beautiful and she is average south Indian girl and the mother of one. My uncle is working in army hence all you know that army pupil are only visit their family once in a year. She is very slim well shaped body structure having normal boobs and she around only 31 years. Her daughter is studying kindergarten only.

Let come to the story this incident was happened during my completion of final semester. It was holidays and waiting for my results. In my home there is no dvd player if I want to see any new film I want to go to my uncles home. My aunt staying alone with her daughter because her husband is on duty. One day I bought three new film dvds from my friend and went to my aunts home. She invited me and gave a cup of coffee and asks about my exams, my family and I said I want to see these films. She agreed and also accompany with me I kept dvds at the top of the desk and inserted one to the player it’s a new released one we watched the film and both were sit on the same sofa. Her daughter was in her grandmother’s home. After the end of the film it was almost 9 pm. She offered to have dinner in her home because it almost late I said no aunty mom will wait for me and I said I’ll come tomorrow to see the remaining two film. Till now there is no bad intention to my aunt.

Next morning I went inside to her home and her reactions were no good. Suddenly she scolded me “what’s your age and how dare to bring such kind of dvds to my home”. I don’t understand why she scolding me and she tells that I bought one blue film. And I realized that she watched the film yesterday night. But it’s not my fault my friend has given a wrong dvd. I said very sorry to her and begged please don’t tell to my mom and to my uncle. She seeing with very angrily for that moment I am speechless and then I get the dvd on the table and leaving from that place.

Next day she asked to me relax child and offer me sat on the sofa she also sat beside me. Now she started advising me that it’s not good for your age and said not to see the blue film. I got some courage and said I am not so young aunty I also matured. And she was stunned with my answer asked do you have any girl friends and I said yes aunty. And she asked do you have sex with them and I said no aunty but I am interested to have sex with them. She is stunned with my answer and her eyes were whispering because she doesn’t have sex with her husband for last six month.

Her lusts were clearly visible in her eyes. Then she don’t know what do next and I made some plan to seduce her, I got some courage and told that your looking so beautiful aunty I have admired so many times with your beauty.

Me: I will offer you one thing you wont hesitate that could do my offer aunty.
Aunty: what offer ashok ask me
Me: I am really like your boobs can I touch that.
Aunty: what ashok what you are asking I am your aunt and how you ask like that to me

Me: aunty I am not having sex with you I just want to touch boobs because I never touch any boobs please aunty if you don’t agree means leave it.(I know if arouse the feeling of the women means definitely it ends with sex).
Aunty: no ashok if any one knows means it will create big problem
Me: don’t worry aunty I will keep this very secret. And I move forward to her.

Aunty: Hmm you just touch it once and go back to your home. And never ask it again right
Me: ok aunty. Then i moved my hand to her left boobs and press it very hard. I feel flying like in the sky feeling so happy. I planned to how I move further. I said your sarree disturbing aunty please remove it aunty. She first hesitate and agreed. Then I grab the two boobs with my hand. Aunty please removes the jacket also please.
Aunty: no ashok

Me: please aunty I won’t ask you thereafter. I want to utilize my one golden opportunity plz plz….
Aunty: she smiles

Me: I got the green signal as his smile and I removed her jacket and I saw two melons covered with white bra. I pressed the two melons very hardly and slightly removed her bra. I saw the two black rounded nipples slightly covered. At that time her two eyes were closed tightly because she is enjoying with the activity.

Meanwhile I removed her bra and made her upper nude and what fantastic view I sawing I cant control myself and I kissed her two melons very hardly and she also cant control herself and hugged me very tightly.

I was in seventh heaven. I also knelt down & started to kiss my auntys lips so hard. She also responded well at this time. She also held my head hard & kissing back me so hard. While kissing i started to press & squeeze her boobs & nipples. We r kissing like mad. She then stopped me. & breathing heavily. I realised that she is near her orgasm. I push her & made her to sit on sofa & i am on ground itself. I made her legs wide & took my face in between her thighs. Without wasting time to look at her clean shaved pussy, due to her last condition i immediately started to suck her pussy very hard. aunty started to moan heavily.

“Ohhhh… Aaahhhh!!! ooohhhh sssaaannndddeeeppp. You are my real boy. Aaahhhh!!!”

Her pussy is already wet & Her love juices are oozing. I sucked all which are outside & insert my tongue in her pussy and moved her my tongue 2-3 times. She is also at her extreme. She held my hairs so hard & pulling my face towards her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my neck moaning loudly & shouts…” her heavy orgasm started to flow in my mouth. I drank it all also. Its sort of salty but tasty. She is moaning so heavily. “uuuhhhh uuuuhhh ooohhhh aaahhhh”…

Her grip started to loosened. I was still busy in licking & sucking my anu auntys sweet salty pussy. Now she is completely relaxed. & tapping my head.

then i get positioned myself i. Between her legs. She held my dick & guide him to her pussy. I started to move slowly. My dick entering in her pussy slowly. She is enjoying it. Its little paining to both of us but we are in heaven. While i start moving i also hold her big boobs with my both hands & pressing them.

Now its full of my cock inside her pussy. Its all lubricated now due to precums. And i increased my speed. She also supports me by lifting her hips. We r moving in rhythm with speed. We both moaning & breathing heavily. She then rolled me & started to ride my dick fast. I also fucking her from down. We are giving wild & hard strokes to each other moaning like “ohhh.. Aahhh… Ohhh yyeesss… Fuck fuck… Hard… Fast… Like that… Ohhh aunty…ohhh do all like that. Then i rolled her & we again in missionary. We both stroking so hard. Finally i feel her pussy walls tight against my dick. She hugged me tightly moaning loudly.

“Ohhh, my ashok u fucks wonderful”…

She came. I feel her juices around my dick. Its warmth & i also came in my auntys pussy by giving last hard & deep stroke to her pussy. We hugged tightly. Breathing heavily. Feeling like seventh heaven. Satisfied. We dont say anything & enjoying feel of satisfaction…. Our grip loosened but i lay on her in same position & my dick in her pussy for near about half an hour…Any aunties,girls, married woman’s who are all interested in sex can mail with me in mail and I will keep hundred percent secret. My mail id is [email protected](ashok underscore377) and i also need feedback for this story.