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Unexpected Sex With Sexy Bhabi

My Dear friends, it’s my heartiest thanks for ISS and Greetings to you all, this is Sujay 29 years from Bangalore with fair and average body, and here I dare to share my personal experience with you all. It’s has happen last 4 years back when I was 25 as I need to do some course for 6 months and I was force to stay with my aunt, theirs is 5 members family and my aunt, uncle, brother and his wife and a son of 4 years. My bro is working with some company which makes him to travel.

I will be out of station at least 3-4 nights away from his family in a week, we all are very close sit and chat general matters once my eyes got burning sensation and I discussed this with my aunt if front of my bhabi, my aunt suggested that to apply mehendi to head so that it makes you cool and soothing, which I reject the idea because of getting color to my hands, then my bhabi said don’t worry.

I will apply for you in night so that you can keep whole night to get very good result and she prepare the mehendi paste and kept in fridge. Let me introduce you about my bhabi, she is homely house wife, who prefer to wears saree all time at home also. She has 36 32 34, she is a slim built body with sexy appearance with normal color and I was usually close with her without any bad intention towards her and as the night arrived after finishing our dinner and as my bro also was out of station.

She asked me that shall I apply mehendi for you, I said ok and she started to apply in hall itself as I used to sleep in hall only. Suddenly my uncle said that he will sleep in hall and the lights of hall has to be switched off so my aunt requested us to go to bhabi’s room as bro also not there and take your own time apply properly she said and we shifted to room, bhabi made me to sit on the chair and she was standing and applying very neatly

I said bhabi how long will you stand you better sit on chair and I will sit on the floor so that you will be comfortable and won’t get tired also, she agreed and I was sitting on the floor near her legs and she started to apply, as my head was bit far she was not feeling comfortable to apply, she asked me to move little back, as she has widened her legs and I sat in between her legs, her both the legs were touching my both the shoulders and some sensation started to arose in my body and my bad intention towards my bhabi started in my mind.

To take this as an advantage I said bhabi please don’t be in hurry and apply properly so that I should not get any stains on my skin. She started to tease me by saying that I will apply to your nose so that you should look like and joker, as we both were becoming bit close. I moved bit back and I asked bhabi that shall I keep my hands on your thighs, she did not responded anything, I took this as an advantage and lifted my hands and kept on her thighs, now her both the legs were touching my body and my hands were on her.

I kept my hands on her I noticed that her way of applying the mehendi was changing and my body got charging the heat, then I turned my left side keeping my hands on her thighs and pointing and slowly pressing my left elbow to her pussy, saying her to apply properly near my ears, by the time I think she too has got generating the heat in her body, I asked her to sit at the edge of the chair and she moved to the front edge, so that I can touch my elbow to her pussy properly, then I turned towards my right by touching my right elbow to her pussy.

I was enjoying, later she completed the applying and I slept in the hall. Next morning was Sunday as my uncle and aunty had a marriage to attend in the same city and they left by having the breakfast at home myself, bhabi and her son was their and she was preparing for lunch standing near stove and I was watching TV in the hall, I asked bhabi to prepare Tea for me and went to the kitchen where she was standing, I went behind her and asking what she is preparing to see.

I stood behind her by touching her ass and she too did not refused, by this I got bold and started to press my cock to her ass, still she did not said anything, I started to get arouse and suddenly I put my both the hands on her belly and hold her tightly and started to feel her sweat fragrance, now she responded by saying please leave me, if someone sees at us it will be a big problem, as she did not refused directly I got bold and hugged her tightly by kissing on her shoulder.

Suddenly she released herself from my grip and went out, at that time I really got afraid what will happen next if my uncle and aunty and my family will come to know, by thinking this I was shivering, by the time she came back, I asked where she went suddenly, she told that just to see her son what he is doing, he was playing in the compound which is visible from kitchen, and she said that this not good and if my husband or my in laws will come to know it will be big problem for me.

I'm married women and you are a guy nothing will happen to you. I said don’t worry bhabi everybody have good faith on me and nobody will doubt on us and I promise you that I will take care nothing will go wrong and nobody can suspect about us I assure you, by saying this much I hugged her tightly and started to kiss her neck, shoulder and earlobes, by this she got tempt.

I could feel her heart beats and body heat, then I hold her cheeks and started to smooch, initially she did not responded positively, later she started to respond as our tongues twisted inside our mouth and we exchanged each other saliva for 10-15 minutes, later she offered tea and said today is enough, but I said I want more than this, she said go and have tea by watching TV in hall, after finishing the tea again I went to kitchen and started to hug her.

I was getting more tempt by her sweat fragrance, now I started smooch and started to press her boobs and she too was enjoying and started responding positively, I started to kiss her here and there like a hunger and she started to moan, that day till 3 pm at least I have smooched her so many times and uncle and aunt was back. To be continued rest hot sensational. Thanks for reading the story and please mail me your valuable feedback to [email protected]