Fucking Young Maid

Friends I am writing once again and telling U my experience in fucking.
I live in a small city and we had a maid servant for cleaning utensils and cleaning of floor. She was with us for nearly 7 years and I used to admire her boobs when she used to clean the floor. She also knew that I am looking at her when she was mopping the floor. Her name was swarna. One fine morning she got with her a small girl which was of 14yrs, to help at home. Swarna told my mother that her name was minu and her parents were not alive and she needs some earning. My mother said yes to her and asked her to work for us.

Minu started to work for us and used to help my mother in kitchen work. She used to do dusting etc after swarna had done mopping and cleaning of utensils.

Minu now stayed in our house. My age is 38yrs and I was not interested in her as she was young in age. I used to call her for massage as I was having some pain in my legs and lower back. She used do the work told to her. She had small boobs and had silky hair texture and slightly brownish. She was about 4 ft in height.

One day I was at home being Sunday, and all the family members had gone to attend some function, and had to come late, except minu and myself.

I asked minu to make a cup of tea for me and then massage my legs as I had some pain in my legs. She went into the kitchen and prepared tea for me. After finishing my tea I asked her to get some oil and massage my legs. She got some oil. I was in my shorts and she stared applying some oil on my legs and started massaging my legs with her soft hands. After some time I asked her to massage my thighs, she first hesitated then slowly started rubbing oil on my thighs. I got some erection, she saw that happening but was not aware of anything. After some time I held her with both the hand and pulled her towards my chest and held her tight she could not understand what was happening. She told me that what I was doing, I told her that I will give her something special if she calmly follow my instructions. She nodded her head in affirmative. I asked her to lay down on bed beside me, she did as I told her. I got a one hundred rupees note from my wallet and kept it near pillow and told her that it will be hers. On seeing the note she became pleased and laid herself on the bed. I also laid beside her and started moving my hands on her legs and raised my hands to her butt, her butt was slightly bigger. I then picked her frock up and then pulled down her underwear.

She first held her underwear with her hand then loosen it and in one go I removed her panties. She was having small pubic hair growth. Then I pulled her frock, and she became totally naked before me. Minu was feeling ashamed and held her face with her hands covered. I then removed my cloths and became naked. I removed her hands from her face and she got surprised to see my big tool erect and hard like rod. I told minu that I will put it in her both the holes. On listening this she got frightened, and told me that it will be difficult and that it will give her pain, and injury. I kissed her on her lips and told her that I will fuck her slowly and will not harm her. bahut dard ho ga na, aap ka lund to babda bhi bahut hai na,” she replied and then after a short pause she said “aap meri gand ko chodo na.”

“Ghabrao nahi kuch nahi hoga bulke tum ko maza aaye ga,” I tried to convince her, mujko bahut dar lag raha hai, choot itna bara lund nahi paye gi,” she said, but I asked her to lay on bed and she obeyed immediately, I could clearly see fear in her eyes. I kissed her on her cheeks and lips and told her not to worry I will be very gentle. I asked her to apply some oil on my penis so that it will penetrate in her cunt easily. She applied some oil on it and then I held her with my both hand I positioned between her legs and put my hard throbbing dick on her wet cunt and pushed a little in her. “huh,” she gasped and I stopped then after a little pause I pushed some more in her pussy hole I could feel her pussy muscles tightly gripping my shaft which gave a feeling she was tight. jee jore ka Dhaka nahi lagana, she almost begged me. Nahi lagata jore ka fiqar na karo, was talking to her and pushing my dick in her slowly she started to cry.

I picked her panty and put it in her mouth. I thought that slow jerk will give more pain to her, it is better to give I big jerk so that whole of my penis will enter her and would give her less pain. I did it and gave one strong jerk with my full force. My penis went deep in her cunt, she was having lots of pain. I remained motionless for sometime and started kissing her. She could not cry as her mouth was gagged with her panties, but the tears were rolling down her eyes. It was unbelievable as my huge rod was inside her small cunt. she started to cry loudly. I kept on pushing my cock in her till it was all in her, and then I started moving in and out. I was very slowly pumping her and sucking her nipples and she was moaning and hissing “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh sssssssss oooooooooiiiiiiiiii mmm. I removed the panties from her mouth because she was enjoying the fuck, thora aur under karo apne lund ko meri choot mein,” she was getting aroused now and I started increasing my speed with every stroke and pushing in harder than before in her, and she was asking for more and more.

Aur jore se dhake maro na bara maza aa raha hai, she was begging, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. She continued to say in shivering voice. I was pounding her now very fast using all my energies her pussy is so wet now that my cock could easily move in and out like greased piston. Her pussy and movement of my shaft was making funny sounds. Now she was fully responding to my strokes and moving her hips up and down. After 20 minutes she moaned loudly and I could feel her body was shivering her moans ultimately ended in a loud scream and she wrapped her legs around me. Her pussy released loads of juice I could feel that wetness on my shaft.

After few seconds I pulled out my penis and with it came some cum & blood also. I put some cold cream on my penis and also on her cunt and pushed my penis once again in her cunt. This time she was having less pain. I started stroking her slowly. She started to enjoy it. I then started to push harder and harder in her. She now was enjoying the fuck . I lip kissed her. I fucked her for nearly an hour and discharged my cum on her boobs.

I laid exhausted beside her. She also was exhausted and blood was oozing from her vagina. After nearly half an hour when I regained some energy I looked towards her she was asleep. It was 2 o clock and had got lots of time still left. So I decided to fuck her once more time and this time in her big cute ass hole.

I picked her in my lap and applied some cream on her ass hole and inserted my middle finger and pushed the cream in her ass. She woke up and felt astonished that what is happening I kissed her and whispered in her ear that I will fuck her in her ass. She got frightened once again and said that it will hurt her ass I assured her that it will be a nice experience and she will like my penis in her ass. But she didn’t agree. Then I pulled out a couple of hundred note and gave it to her and told her that if she allow me to fuck her in her ass I will be giving her the notes, she agreed and told me to fuck her ass slowly, agar mere gand marni hai tu plzz cream zaror lagana, mein boht pyar say tumhare gand maroo ga..tumhein dard nai hoga….I said that I will do as she said and got hand full of cream and applied it in her ass and then asked minu to suck my penis. She first hesitated then she brought her mouth near my penis and stared sucking it oh lovely it was great.
I then removed my penis from her mouth and asked to be on her for doggy style. Then I put her panties in her mouth once again. I knew that ass fuck will hurt her and she would scream.

I then applied some more cream in her ass and on to my penis so that it will be slippery. mein uski gand kay black hole per apna lun rakh per ghoomanay laga.. aur apni index finger uski gand mein daal dii aur dosray hath say uskay mamy dabanay laga…who dard say cheeeek uthee..kehnay lagi boht dard horaha hai ,,bahir nikaloo…uski yea baatien sun kar mein vehshat mein agaya aur kaha,,abi tu lun daal kar he cheeein aey gamujhe…aur sath he apna mushroom jaisa topa uski gand per rakh kar Jhatka mara usnay apnay hath say lun nikalnay ke boht koshish ke. The penis head slipped in her ass and she cried but her mouth was gagged and could not screem. Her asshole was so tight that my penis could not enter smoothly. I then pulled my penis out and went to kitchen got some ghee in my hand. I applied it on her ass and to my penis. I then placed my penis ONCE again on the opening and pushed it in her ass, mein jor se jathka mara aur gand mein mera puraa lun ghuss gaya…aur mein jathkay marnay laga…. she was crying loudly. Then once again I pushed my penis with stronger and harder. It went fully inside her ass.

She was crying loudly, tears were rolling down. Woh zoor zooor say awaz nikal rahe thee maat karoo dard horaha hai mujhe ,,,lekin muje tu ustime kuch sunaey nai de raha thaa,,,mein tu bus gand per zoor de raha thaa meine apni ek finger uski choot mein daldi aur usko massage karnay laga…thori deer kay baad mein uski gand kay ander he discharge hogaya….aur jaisay he meine lun bahir nikala woh nedhal hokar bed per leyt gaey..aur uski gaand say khoon nikal raha tha, meine usko thora saaa pyar kia aur kaha janu koi bbaat nai pyar mein saab chalta hai….phir mein usko 200 note daydeya aur kaha ki ab mein tumhe roj choudonga. Both of us kissed each other and put on our cloths and went to watch TV. After that day I used to fuck her when ever I got time and erection.