Maid Servant

Fun Times With My Maid Anita

Anita, a maid in our home. We both gradually seduced each other leading to some great fucking eventually. She has not married and hence her sex feelings

Shobha : A New Bright Life Awaiting

Shobha is a victim of time. Her time changed after she met Prakash. She fell in love with Prakash. Prakash changed Shobha's future.

Taste Of Village Maid Shanti

The story of two village maids getting their needs fulfilled with a guy. He does help her whenever they need money. They rendered best service to him.

Prema, The Maid Who Came Back To Be Banged

I pressed her boobs like a madman, so hard that Rupa was in a mix of pain and pleasure. I took out my camera phone and clicked Rupa’s picture.

Traveling In Train With Maid Rupa In First A/c Cabin – Part I

I felt someone gripping my cock tightly and i looked down to see that she had tried to hold onto something in her fall. I cleared my throat.

Fucked Our Maid, Lakshmi After A Shower

Suddenly, I felt my towel slip and I took two steps too fast. She tripped, I tripped over my towel and we both fell with the clothes falling on both of us and she fell on me

A Date With Destiny – Part I

I just sat down near her legs, as she looked at me. I took her anklets and removed them gently. Lifted her shapely foot and started massaging it.

Shweta : A Beggar Woman

Prakash slowed down his pace with intermittent pose. He continued sucking her but slowed down with intermittent tongue lick.

Sweet Experience With My Maid

She kissed me tightly and said very much. Both of our bodies were with oil. We both went into bath room and took a hot shower. Rubbed all parts of body and cleaning well

Meera My Sexy Maid

She sat down with the shower on the bathroom floor and fingered herself more and more. Her moans were getting louder. I ejaculated and quickly cleaned it up and ran away.