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I suddenly felt my fingers move over a small knob like fleshy part of Sova’s pussy. Sova’s gulped hard and purred “mmmmmmmm”, her nails were digging on my arms. She stiffed for a minute and then relaxed again

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I closed the door and held her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and kissed her again. Now she was kissing me passionately. I slowly took off her top and saw the most beautiful pair of boobs trapped in pink bra

Pooja Maid, Made For Prakash

I loved the way her pussy was inviting my cock. Her pussy walls were acting like human intestines, pulling my cock inside by the movements of her vaginal muscles. I thought she has rare capability of doing this.

My Horny Maid Pankaja

At last I gave it up and stood up and gave my cock in to her hand. She played with my cock and I asked her to give me a blow job for which she instantly agreed and started sucking it hard.

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I then raised her hands up and went closer to her dark armpits which smelt of pure sweat. I took in the aroma completely and continued playing with her boobs. She was really enjoying the act.

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I gave out a moaning sound but his pressure was effortless and his lund just slipped inside my pussy due to the heavy lubrication inside my pussy. Shekhar was titillating my boobs with his tongue and gripped them tightly.

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Now we both are standing naked. We hugged each other. I was pressing her boobs while kissing lips. One hand is pressing her butts. She has awesome assets. Her pussy was already wet.

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And I asked Priya to adjust herself and put my mouth on her pussy which was cleanly shaved and already wet and she got a current wave passed in her body and started licking the total pussy

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I pushed it again she controlled her voice but her eyes can show that she was getting pain. I stopped for some time when I was sure that she is now fine I started pushing my dick in her cunt she was started enjoying it continuously

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With that I took her off the bed and started to fuck her standing facing each other while I grabbed her ass tightly and rode her like there was no tomorrow.