Servant Fucked My Mommy – Part II 7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings.

Servant Fucked My Mommy – Part II

Those who not read my narration ‘Servant fucked my mom’ please read it before continuing this. In it I described how our part time servant Rambo seduced and fucked my conservative and shy mother to give her two big orgasms of life. I trapped Rambo and one day he had to narrate it. So far I have only heard the version of Rambo. Since then I am very much in desire to watch their fuck. The desire was growing wildly in me. But I had to wait for a chance.

I met Rambo two days later that and he was little hesitant to face me. But I was in good mood to appreciate his luck. Gradually he regained his form and became more intimate to me. I too had an affection and appreciation to him for seducing and fucking my mother and giving her good orgasm. He came to my home a couple of times and spends a lot of time with me. Now he is more relaxed as he know I don’t have any problem. Father doesn’t have time and least bothered. I know that his visits are to meet my mother also for another chance.

I noticed the affection and understanding between them. Mother is very fond of him and have sparkles in her eyes while talking to him. Whenever they are together and I am not in their vision, he stands more close to her than before and shows more freedom in talking. Once I overheard him telling about some sexual affair in the village in very open words and she was hearing with interest and a shy smile on her face. They were standing close and talking like whispering. All the time he was enjoying her body with his hungry eyes. At a point I even suspect that out of control,

He may embrace and kiss her and press her breasts and buttocks. But they were aware of my presence in the house so nothing happened. But I am sure that now both are passionate and waiting for a chance to fuck. I decided to make an opportunity for them. On a Sunday I asked him to attend a pipe leak in parents bath room. I told him that it is not urgent so he may attend it on the next day, which is a Monday. He asked me whether I have college on Monday and I said yes. I asked him to attend it by noon. With a naughty smile, I wished him success to ‘fill the leaking hole and make it right’

He understood my double meaning and thrilled and shown his gratitude to me. I was very eager to watch their fuck. On Monday I informed mom that Rambo will repair the pipe. Saying this, I left to college, noticing her glowing face (her pussy may be started itching and wetting). Somehow I skipped and returned home around 11o’clock. It is Monday and I know she will go to market. By that time and I returned. If she somehow see me, then I have an excuse to tell that I am not feeling well. But fortunately she didn’t saw me and I reached home and opened with my key and went upstairs.

She came back after half an hour and by around 12 noon, Rambo came. So far everything went on as I expected. She usually cleans the room in the morning before her market trip. After that she won’t come upstairs. So the whole day, I can hide in my room. I stood on the corner of stairs from where I have a view of verandah. Rambo came and had some usual talks with mother and straight away went to the work. I heard tool sounds from the bathroom. 10-15 minutes went. There is silence. I took a chance.

Silently I went downstairs. If they see me, then I have to say that I am not well and I have to get some water for tablet. Somehow I managed to quickly get into the store room from the other side. Nobody noticed me. It is an old store room, dumped and fully dark. Nobody goes there. Now I am safe. I have enough gap to see the whole bedroom. I was sure that Rambo started tempting her. I peeped to the bed. My mother was lying on back on bed and Rambo over her, kissing all over her face. She was responding with her palms rubbing his broad shoulders.

Rambo was naked except an underwear and mother in her blouse and underskirt. His shirt and trouser lying on the floor together with her sari. Mothers hands were crawling over his back and reached his buttocks and started caressing there. He slowly removed her blouse and her beautiful breasts stood out. He kissed and licked and put bites all over them. Her brown nipples gradually grown up erected and he started sucking and biting them. With every bite, she kept eyes closed trembling and moaning.. ‘aahhh..’. Mother slowly removed his jetty.

I saw Rambo’s big black cock came out, fully erected. She started to caress it. He raised his middle to give her its full length. She started to fondle it and its foreskin pulled back. He slowly untied and removed her skirt. I saw mom’s white and soft naked body rubbed all over by Rambo’s hard hands and she was trembling with pleasure. She was wildly moaning ..’aahhh… aahhh… raaamuuu…aaahhh..’ He was responding with kisses. He kissed from top and gradually came down through breasts and towards navel. She was enjoying all those kisses with some deep ‘aaahhhhh…ooohhhhh’ sounds.

Gradually he came down, spread her legs and kissed on her pussy. It was trimmed but little hairy. He spread her legs . Her pink pussy and dark red cunt revealed. He started licking her cunt. She trembled with pleasure and started to swing her middle. His straightened tongue was moving all over her pussy and I realized that she is on extreme pleasure. She started to sway her head to both sides. My mother is generally calm, shy and soft spoken village woman. But there I saw she was very excited and turbulent. Rambo moved down through her thighs to bottom, kissed both legs and came up.

I realized that he is an expert in foreplay and he was doing as if he is tasting and enjoying some delicious dish. He kissed and came up to thighs and went to her face with kisses and whispered something. She immediately turned and laid on stomach exposing her beautiful buttocks up. Her buttocks were rounded and proportionately big, white, smooth and silky. He moved to her buttocks. (I know that he is really crazy about buttocks and mother have it at its best). He caressed and massaged there for a while. Then he started to kiss and bite all over and every corner of it.

He put his fingers between and moved through the rift and she started to sway her middle. He moved fingers up and down under and at a point unable to hold, she sat up, hugged him and started to kiss and bite him passionately. She kissed all over his face, neck and down on his hairy chest and made small bites. He held her close to his flat chest and caressed her on back and down. After a while he laid on back and his monster stood up erected. She fondled and kissed all over it. Her tongue was running all over his huge cock and swallowed its head and gradually slide it through her curved lips into mouth and outwards.

It repeated for a while. Rambo was on deep breathes with pleasure. It was an exciting scene to see her long black and thick hair spread all over her naked body. Sindoor spread on forehead and face turned red with desire and eyes half closed. I thought that he may shoot into her mouth but he didn’t. After a while she took it out and whispered something in his ears. He came up, kissed, licked and bitten her lips and slowly laid her down. She laid back with her legs apart, revealing her cute pussy and erected cunt. It was already very wet.

Rambo got ready for the shoot. He took his monster in hands straightened and hold it towards her lovely pussy. Then with small pushes, he slowly inserted into it. It was little bigger for her pussy so its lips got stretched to contain it. When his huge black cobra crawled in, she made a weeping sound with pain and pleasure. He laid over her with his cock inside her parted legs and started slow swings. She put her legs circled around his buttocks and thighs. I watched their movements. It was an extremely erotic scene. They were kissing all the time with a lot of passion.

He sucked her lips for a while, then her turn, she done it and like that. He was swinging steadily. In between his face moved on to her breasts, sucked them and moved back to face and it continued. She was deeply moaning and swaying her head with pleasure ‘aaahhhh raamuuu.. ooohhh…oohhhh… She tightly hold him around, and pressed hardly on his rock muscles. Her body turned pale red, and muscles stretched on the face. Her huge milky white buttocks and well shaped thighs spread under him turned red due to heavy stroking.

Frequently her hands moved all over his back and caressed on his buttocks and fingered in between. Their fuck was prolonged than I expected. After a while he increased his speed and I realized that they are nearing the climax. Their movements went faster, breathing more rapid, and after a while mother made a long wild cry with shivers and her head stretched out away on pillow and her reddish face looked as if she is crying (which I think was her orgasm) and nearly thirty seconds later with a loud whispering ‘oooohhh’ sound, Rambo ejaculated heavily into her pussy. I was caressing my erected penis all this time and at that point, I shoot on the store wall.