Shanthi Juiciest Pussy

Hi Folks, I am Alex, am back to narrate my sexual experience with my maid. I was studying 1st year UG. Her name is Shanthi, She was 33 years old and her size is 36-26-38. I always had a eye on her and looking for a right time to have her in my bed. It was during my 1st year exam time, which was due in a month’s time and my parents were off to a marriage of a closes relative in Delhi.

They were worried to leave me alone at home since I was their only son but I convinced them that their nothing to worry about and told them shanthi can take of my food [sex food]. They spoke with shanthi and she agreed that she would stay during day at my house and take care of me. On the first day, she came to work by 7 am and was in my boxer shots. She went to wash the clothes.

As she sat to wash it, I asked her to wash my boxer as well. I tied a small cotton towel around my waist which hardly covered my 6 inch cock. I went into my room and called her in. She came in with wet hands, I told her that I couldn’t handle the summer heat and requested her to apply oil on my head and massage it. She was hesitant; I gave the oil bottle in her hand and sat on the bed. She poured oil and started to massage. I could smell her body odor.

I wanted to move her Saree and lick her navel but understood that wasn’t the time. I asked her to massage her whole body. She told she has cook food and wash clothes. I told her that I would pay her Rs.500. She was confused. I told her to help me as the heat was too much. She said she would finish everything and come. I was happy; I took few condoms and kept under my bed. I sat near the bathroom and was watching her wash the clothes.

I liked the fact that she getting wet and she had tied the saree around her waist. She was dusky but her body was supple due to years of hard work. I was imaging how her pussy would look.  While she was still was washing, I told her that I need to pee. She waited outside the bathroom and I did not close the door and started to pee. Once done, on the sake of cleaning I removed the towel and stood naked and started to apply soap on my dick.

Suddenly, she wanted to take note whether I was finished and was shocked to see stand naked with the dick in my hand. She quickly moved from there. I finished washing it and came out. I saw and told her in local language “sorry, naan eppavum en pulla cleana vechipen “(sorry, I always keep my dick clean). She was surprised to hear me talk in such a language (normally spoken by people in the slum which is in a way very much erotic).

She said “close the door in future”. To make her feel easy, I just told for name sake “its ok, you are like my elder sister”. She cropped up a beaming smile. Once she finished washing, she went to cook. I followed her to the kitchen and told her that I will help her by cutting vegetables. She said that she will take care of it. I insisted that it was a pleasure and I am feeling bored as well. She told me to watch TV.

I told her we will watch a movie in the kitchen and do the work together. She was ok. I brought my laptop and started playing an erotic Tamil movie. She was very silent. I sat down on the floor and as my towel was a small one, it could not cover my dick and it sprung out. She saw it and I quickly adjusted and somehow managed to cover it.

As the movie started playing, she was feeling shy as there were several portions of kissing scenes. One particular scene, the guy starts to press the boobs of the lady; Shanthi asked me “Do you watch these type of movies”. I told her that my friend had given me saying it was a nice movie and I didn’t know it contained scenes such as these. I told her I will stop it but she said if you like it, watch it.

I told her that I will watch it later and started to play songs in it. I was watching her butt and very getting aroused. My cock could no longer be controlled and it sprung out of the towel. Shanthi told me to get another towel. I told her the rest are good one and my mom would kill me if they are spoilt with oil. Cooking was over and we went to my bedroom. I told her to massage me. She hesitantly said ok. I told her what if your dress gets oily.

She said she was concerned as well. I gave her one of my boxer shorts and a sleeveless T-shirts. She was shy and told me she can’t wear it. I told these are the only old ones I have and mom will be angry if I spoil others. I told her try this one and see for yourself and then we will decide. She went into the bathroom attached to my room and came out. She was looking so hot, my boxer was a bit tight but that made sure that her curvy ass was shown.

Boobs were trying to tear those cotton T-shirts. She said that she has never worn such clothes and she is not able to face me.  I told her that I am like your younger brother and if you like me, you would like my clothes as well. I was imaging how lucky my boxer was as it was the same one which enjoyed my dick is now enjoying her pussy. As the boxer and T-shirts were smaller ones I could see part of her tummy and hair trails of her pussy.

Her tummy was looking as though it was that of an athlete, supple and shinny. I laid down on a mat with my back to her. I removed my towel and placed it just over my ass. She started to apply oil on my legs and slowly moved to my thighs. As she nearing my upper part of my thighs, I could feel her fingers brushing the edges of my ass. I knew she could not watch my balls which were like oranges.

She applied on my back and as she was coming down her fingers moved the towel a bit revealing my ass crack. I told her to remove the towel and apply oil on my butt. She looked tensed. I told her in Tamil “Akka, suthu rumba sudda iruku” (sister, my butt is too hot) She took away the towel and poured oil on my naked butt. She started to massage it hard and I could feel her breathing was getting heavy. I told her to pour oil in between the ass crack.

She did and feeling of oil slowly moving on my asshole was heaven. I asked to use her finger and rub it. She in utter confusion started to do so. At times, her nails were scratching my asshole and I wish see would insert it in. After which, she asked me to turn around; I turned around and my dick was there lying on my tummy. She started to massage again and as she was nearing my balls. My dick started to rise.

She was nervous. I said “sorry Akka” (sorry sister). She smiled back and said “no problem”. I asked her “Have you seen a dick like this before” she said “yes, my husbands”. I asked “how big is it” she nodded her head stating she wouldn’t tell as she was shy. I persisted and she said “5 inch”. I asked “do you like it”. Her face turned red. I told her “your husbands” she shyly said “yes”. I asked “Akka, how about mine” she said “it’s nice”. I noticed a huge wet spot on the boxer she was wearing.

She finished her massage and was about to leave. I asked “what about this” indicating my cock. She said no. I told her come on please. She thought for a moment and said “only once”. Her hands on my dick were so nice. She massaged my balls and squeezed it. My dick was standing like Rock Mountain in all its glory. She pulled down my foreskin and massaged my dickhead. It turned pink and pre-cum was flowing out.

Her fingers felt the pre-cum and she massaged my dick with my pre-cum. Her breathing was so heavy and I could see her huge boobs shaking big time.  I drew courage and pressed her left boob. To my surprise she was silent. I knew this is it, hugged and smooch her. I started to remove her top and out came those huge boobs with dark nipples. I started to suck it so vigorously.

She started to enjoy it. I was a 19 year old boy tasting the body of a woman 14 years elder to me. I removed her boxer and started to lick her pussy. It was already wet like hell, and my licking it made her have her first orgasm. I took my dick and gave it her and she gave me an awesome blow job. Then I started to fuck her. When went to the hall, made her lie down on the dinning table and inserted my cock in her.

I recorded my first fuck on my mobile. She was using local language “otha, un pulla vittu attuda” (insert your dick and shake it bastard). “vaegame kuthuda, en pundai arikuthda” (Fuck me faster, my pussy is itching) I loaded cum of mine in her. I took my dick and inserted in her mouth and she cleaned it. I applied more oil on my dick and fucked her in the ass by doggy style and this time just for a change opening the windows. (We stay at an apartment in fourth floor and there are no bigger apartments nearby).

I leaned on the window and took her in my arms and fucked her ass once again. I loaded all of cum in her. We went to the bed, inserted my dick in her pussy and as we were tired, slept immediately. We woke up around 7 in the night and my dick was still in her pussy. We bathed together and had a fuck session again.

She left to her house as her husband would be back. She left her bra for me saying I can use it until she return tomorrow morning. I wore the dress that she was wearing during massage and was so happy my dick feeling the wetness of her pussy on the boxer. For feedback please send in your comments and suggestions to [email protected]