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I dropped my jaw in aw she looked like sex goddess, showing her deep navel and massive cleavage, her pallu was in between the two melons showing lot of cleavage

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Then I started inserting my tongue into the navel first slowly and then rapidly and started tongue fucking her navel I can know she is enjoying it as she was laughing and pressing my head more into her navel

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Then she started pushing me harder and she was not responding to my kiss. She kicked my legs and she scratched my back with her nails. Though it was painful, I never left her.

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Saro was moaning really loud and so to shut her up and get Bhairavi also some game, I laid her on the floor and ordered Bhairavi to sit on her face and have Saro eat her pussy.

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She lied on the ground with her crotch facing the ground. Holding her waist I too lied on her back with my penis submerged in her ass hole. I caught hold of her big buttocks and started to kiss her hard all over her buttocks

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I started massage her boobs with my hand after massaging now my mouth started to suck her nipple which was erect.She moaning like anything which making me to go crazy for her

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Veena’s right hand slipped down to my lap and lightly touched my cock. I nearly jumped. She then applied more pressure. Her hand was in my lap and trying to find my dick. I was rock hard; my cock was involuntarily pushing upwards to meet her hand

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I was simultaneously licking her navel and pressing her boobs over her bra due to which she was moaning with ecstasy. Then, while licking I moved downwards and opened up the button of her Capri.

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Finally that day came. She invited me to her home on one Sunday morning i went to her home around 10am, she welcomed me with sexy smiley face once I entered the home she locked her main door from outside and came inside from back door

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We kept kissing. Her hands moved on my bare chest from under my t-shirt. I cupped her left breast with my right hand and move my left hand to back of her neck. We broke our kiss momentarily and she stripped me of my t-shirt.