The New Office Intern

Pallavi was in love with a guy in college. But after entering into the office environment and meeting Rahul, things got changed

My Little Tryst With A New Boy At Office

Raman, a new boy in our office, who stayed in my house since it was too late after discussing the office things. At midnight he witnessed me fingering in

Uncle Made Me Pregnant

My uncle who convinced my hubby for test tube baby and fucked me along with his wife and our family member. Finally made me pregnant.

Veena Becoming A Slave – Part III

Gagged her mouth with veena’s pant and i removed her dress she was nude, mega had a bigger breast than veena

The Solution: Nightly Affair

Anjali is a woman who had lost the spice in her sex life. The story details how she explores a solution.

Laiva’s Cone Shaped Breasts

Most of the guys would have fantasied of having sex with one of the teachers. I found Lavia's cone shaped tits to arouse my sexual mood when I was in 12th

Memorable Sex With A Lady

In our office, there is a lady who is not that fair but her busty assets would make any guy to have a look at those. Even i had an eye on her.

Veena Becoming A Slave – Part II

Ravi's 'sexual slavery' of his beautiful college teacher Veena continues as he takes her into the deeper world of BDSM where craves for more sex.

Naive Employee And Her Boss

Then he went down and sniffed my pussy, then he opened the walls aside and licked it. His one hand was crushing my breast, his tongue was wresting with my clit and one finger was inside my love hole.

Friday Evening

I was kissing on her cheeks from her backs and slowly massaged my hands over her stomach. My lips and her lips were met each other and started smooching slowly. I slowly put my hands inside her shirt from below and started massaging her waist