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I started to suck her nipples one after one, while my hand was inside her wet panty feeling her womanhood, I looked her said you are already done! She sighs and force my body down to her

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She started to rub her thigh against my dick and kissed back, our tongues entwined and any distance melted as we became desperate to touch skin with skin. I kissed her chin and neck and slowly went further down licking her neck

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Priya again started moaning in pleasure,as if never stopped,Now travelling up,landed near her boobs,taking both of them in hands in the white bra,i put my hands back now,searched for the bra hooks,took them off,as soon as they were off

Fucking A Colleague – Fantasy Comes True – Part I

I kissed her forehead, she raised her face head looking at me faintly still resting on my shoulder, went close to her lips just few inches away she had closed her eyes could feel the warm and heavy breath

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She looked at me and laughed. She grabbed my right hand and placed them on her left boob directly. I was not getting aroused instead I was more scared.

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I was rubbing her slowly and squeezing her boobs. Pinching those nipples. She was just saying “Rishit I Love you, Take me, and Fuck me please. Ohh Fuck me. Don’t Stop “

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That gave me more access to her boobs and I mauled it like dough. She looked at me and told “I will give you a head now”. Saying that she took my cock in her mouth.

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Then I pushed the fabric down over her boobs and flattened it across her back and over her boobs. With the strain gone, the zip behaved and I just pulled it down releasing the two sides of the garment

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Then slowly when I reached her pussy, I removed her panty, and started licking her pussy. It was clean shaved and was pink in color. I started licking her pussy for 10 minutes

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He grunted and watched her as she slowly started riding him. Her ass was hitting his crotch and making wet sounds due to the lubrication that were leaking from her vagina and spreading on his crotch.