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How I Seduced My Niece Into Sex – Part III

Me and Priya lived like husband and wife for 3 days. We fucked in all positions it was the most amazing time of our life

A Tour To Remember – Part III

This vacation trip turned out to be a sexual fun for all. We were traveling in a car. Khusboo had her eyes on my dick and she had a touch on it.

Meri Pehli Chudai Mere Ghar Per

First time I had sex with my boyfriend in my home. He made me horny with his touches and he fucked me so hard. My hymen is torn by him.

Sex With First Love Of My Life

Having sex with a person whom you had loved during your school and college days is a great pleasure; that too meeting her after long time.

Trained My Girlfriend To Be A Slut, Now Regretting It

She was taking his whole cock in her mouth and I could clearly see Ankit’s precum and her saliva dribbling from the sides of lips while she was enjoying sucking it.

Life With Our Mutual Sons

How we two mothers found another world of ecstasy and extreme pleasure through our sons.

Unexpectedly Gang-banged By My Friends In Their Flat – Part III

This time we played a game. I told guys that i will be tempting the guys mood with my strip. Whoever has the control will win the game but everyone lost.

Neighbors Hot SIL Fucked To Her And My Satisfaction

How I had the pleasure of my neighbor and her hot SIL. I gave them the pleasure in the absence of the male in their home. They both showed me heaven.

Veena Becoming A Slave – Part III

Gagged her mouth with veena’s pant and i removed her dress she was nude, mega had a bigger breast than veena

The Three Sides Of A Triangle – Part I (That Eventful Thursday)

Koushik, a young man narrates his story of his stay at Malda town till that eventful Thursday night, when his cousin sister Ratna induced him to have an incestuous sexual relation.